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ブラジル先住民の椅子 Benches of the Brazilian Indigenous Peoples

  •   Exhibition catalouge of Japan's first public exhibition,focusing only on indigenous chairs.

      The Bay Collection is the largest collection in the world, specializing only in Brazilian indigenous chairs. As of 2018, he owns a collection of over 350 chairs from 27 ethnic groups.

      This exhibition is the first opportunity to be shown outside Brazil. Held in the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum ,from June to September 2018. Introducing a chair collection consisting of 17 ethnic groups, with a focus on chairs that imitate the animals of the people of Mainak.



  • Author: 中沢新一 , 樋田豊次郎 

    Publisher : 美術出版社

    ISBN-13 : 978-4568105032

    Hard cover  - 168 pages

    Language: 日本語 & Partly English

    Release date: 2018/07/28

    Size : 22 x 15.4 x 2 cm

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