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Hopi Kachina - Badger

  •   Kachinas are spirits and deities of Hopi Indians, Northeastern Arizona. These immortal beings act as messengers between humans and the spirit world; they also control different aspects of the natural world and society.

      Hopi people believed their ancestors have survived through 4 mega destructions on Earth, with the creator and kachinas' help. The only reason why the Kachinas helped the Hopi is because the tribe has abided the contract of being respectful to nature and all life forms. And kachinas will return right before the 5th mega destruction to offer help again.

      Kachinas figures are typically made of cottonwood roots, and decorated with hand painting as well as natural materials such as feather & hair of animals, parts of plants and seashells. Kachina idols are always served as a reminder to the noble truth, being used as a decorative article in household and ceremonial venues.

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